Thom Tillis growing a beard until legislative session concludes

June 10 N.C. Speaker of the House Thom Tillis is putting his money where his face is. The Cornelius resident said he stopped shaving today as a humorous way to “communicate a serious message — it is time to complete the people's business for 2013.”

Known for running efficient legislative sessions in Raleigh in spite of blockbuster issues and contentious debates, Tillis wants this session to get done, complete with an overhaul of the N.C. tax structure.

Tillis has a straight-forward approach to business and politics as well as a keen sense of humor. The normally clean-shaven legislator posted this on his Facebook page today:

“The ‘Beard Caucus’ met earlier today and ironed out the details. I was thinking about going Jeremiah Johnson but I have accepted suggestions for compromise as delineated below:

Members may trim their beards. Neck trims, face trims etc are allowed but a beard is required to be compliant. Goatees, mustaches, and big sideburns will not be considered compliant.

Looking forward to the pic posts between now and the end of session.”

Tillis says this is his last term in Raleigh. He has announced plans to run for the U.S. Senate Seat currently held by Kay Hagen.

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